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I'm just an 18 year old girl who is Irish by blood but American at heart.
I watch way to much TV, read many books and I am in love with multiple fictional characters!

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Mr Feeny: What? 
Cory: We’re leaving. 
Mr Feeny: I know 
Topanga: We wanted to know if you had anything left to teach us. 
Mr Feeny: No. My work with you is done. 
Shawn: I don’t know. That’s pretty scary. Going into a whole new world. 
Mr Feeny: And you are ready to go into that world. 
Eric: Even me? 
Mr Feeny: Even you. Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do good. 
Topanga: Don’t you mean do well? 
Mr Feeny: No I mean do good. 
Eric: Well, I guess there’s just one thing left then. Tell us you love us. 
Mr Feeny: Now look. If there is one thing I’ve taught you it is that there is a line between teacher and student that must never be crossed 
Eric: Tell us you love us. 
Mr Feeny: I regard all my students equally. 
Shawn: Oh, you know we’re your favorites. 
Cory: Come on Feeny. You haven’t even talked to another student for seven years. I mean that… 
Eric: Tell us you love us! 
Mr Feeny: I surely will not. 
Eric: Okay for you then. 

- Boy Meets World: Brave New World Part 2